Location Alhambra, California

Designed under the auspices of Los Angeles County’s Chief Executive’s Office for The Ratkovich Companies. In collaboration with the County’s Internal Services Department, we provided design and contract administration services for a county tenant occupying privately owned office space.

This project, located in Building A-11 on the Alhambra Community campus, occupies two full floors and portion of a third. The offices house the DHS Centralized Finance Office and contain workstations and private offices as well as several lunch and break rooms, new restrooms and secure storage areas.

As the building offers few windows or views to the exterior, the design orients the occupants to each floor via a separate, but related, color palette regarding the building elements. The Herman Miller furniture and workstations remain consistent in design throughout the office bringing sense of unity to those who work there. In addition, as the building structure does not require fireproofing, we exposed the interior steel pipe columns to add visual interest across the open office spaces.